In the USA DC!

I think coming Monday was a good idea as it has allowed me time to get over flight and do sightseeing prior to the Conference that starts Friday. So far been over The Mall, with all the monuments, memorials and White House. That took about seven hours walking through. Today going to take a look at Capitol Hill and see what else the guys want to do.I really like the set up here, and the fact that people wear politics on their sleeves. Beginning to appreciate the feelings about their country when you understand how they think about it. There is a forthrightness about how people talk about politics, there is no fear in saying a point of view and friends disagree strongly with each other yet still get each other drinks. It’s like a melting pot and I just really am enjoying the taste of it all.

I have really fallen in love with the place here. The memorial parks (especially WW II) are very moving, the design is incredible and awe inspiring. I am beginning to see how the mentality works in the US. Their history of political action and sacrifice is in their hearts, and the result is a people self assured in who they are and thinking about what they want to be.

It has made me think that we need something similar in England – we have a history unrivalled, but it is not demonstrated in a way to garner awe and appreciation for the people that have been before us. To give us the strength in our own time with our own minds to go forward and do what we have to do for the liberty and prosperity of ourselves, and regard to others on this planet.

The FDR memorial in particular was done in a very thought provoking way without becoming too depreciating when mentioning his disability. The memorials have a water theme going on for the two I mention here. But it is really moving.

Well going to have a shower then find out about breakfast. Letting the guys sleep in and meet up at 10 am (it is 7:30 am now).


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4 responses to “In the USA DC!

  1. Dave

    Homo economicus:
    Coming to the conference tomorrow. Used to live in DC, and I would recommend the National Gallery of Art, the Spy Museum (very cool), the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and lunch in Georgetown (anywhere). Have a great time…boy, I miss DC!

  2. Dave

    Sorry, might recognize me as “mcadamsdj” on!

  3. Aaron

    Welcome to the states, HE. Wish I could be in in DC with you. Have fun. I’ll be keeping an eye on the blog!

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