Stratford Upon Avon

Just got back from Stratford. Had a good time there. Real character, the pubs served real ale and good food. There was even a teddy bear museum. There was a quaint feel to the town that is real and the market stalls in the street added to the charm. The architecture, and walking along the Avon I will remember in the swirling flow of time.

 But the main event was seeing the Royal Shakespeare Company’s performance of Henry V. Which was very good and part of a project to show all the histories in the order they were written – that way you can see how Shakespeare developed as a play wright. I will write up on that in more detail soon. The actors also did a Q&A which was great to listen to as they told you behind the scenes stuff and how they feel about the project.

My last day there went to see Shakespeare’s birthplace. Worth going, not just for the exhibition centre but to see where he grew up and his father worked. One thing I learnt from the tour guide was a vicar that owned Shakespeare’s actual house burnt it down over an argument with the council that wanted to raise a tax to alleviate poverty. The garden is what remains of the house he bought as a successful playwright.

The other thing is to do with showing off a bed in the front room. A bed in the 17th Century was the most expensive item in a house – and by having the best bed in the front room where people could see showed your status the way your car does in your drive way.


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