Tremor in the Midlands – Earthquake in the UK

The bed started vibrating as I sat up reading Private Eye just before 1 am today. Slow at first, rather like my old refrigerator that suddenly springs into action. Then it became vigorous like a masseuse determined to iron out all the creaks in your limbs and back.

After that the whole house started to shake and I realized that it was a tremor. This is only the second time in my life this has happened here in England. It made the earthquake experience at the Science Museum seem tame in comparison. But any fears I had seemed soothed away by the rather calming effects of the vibrating bed.

The house shook for about 10 seconds then stopped, though the bed kept on shaking for a good minute after that.

So the earth did move for me in bed at least once in my life time. I wonder how many copulating lovers in my town will literally be asking each other that question tonight?

On that note night night.


The epicentre was in Lincolnshire and was a 5.2 magnitude quake. Because it happened at 1 am thankfully seems no fatalities caused by it. It is officially the biggest earthquake for 25 years (which is roughly the average that we get such a quake).

How earthquakes happen

BBC News On Earthquake

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