Mothering Sunday – Mother’s Day

In the UK it is Mother’s Day this Sunday (if in the USA do not sweat you have till 11 May 2008 to get it sorted!). The date is not fixed each year as it is based on the middle Sunday of Lent – which in practise means three weeks before Easter Sunday.

This was one of those “pagan” festivals that I could not participate in being a child in the Jehovah’s Witnesses . Even though honouring my mother would have been nothing more than giving a gift and a card, rather than slaughtering an animal before the Mother of God. The idea is that anything that has a connection, no matter how loose or how far back in antiquity, to worship or honouring of other gods than Jehovah must be avoided as if your life depends on it.Had to avoid craft work devoted to Mother's Day

Which incidentally you think it does when you are a Jehovah’s Witness. Especially as a child because you would consider an affront before Jehovah worse than being particularly nice to your Mum on a day “unbelievers” have chosen for that purpose.

To give an example of how that alienates you as a child, when I was having a hair cut the hair dresser asked me what I was doing for Mother’s Day. I tried to be evasive but he persisted and got quite mad at me when he insisted that I buy my mum a card. At one point I feared my ears were going to be cut off as the scissors snipped away ever more quickly as he talked.

Then there was school where we were asked to write a poem for Mum on Mother’s Day. Thankfully I got around that by writing a poem that did not contain Mothering Sunday etc – just a general poem that you could give your mother whenever.

The issue is that I had to be careful – not only because my mother would notice any faults of mine with regards to faith. The ultimate policeman watching me was Jehovah and I really wanted to please him, and I was thankful I knew how to. Saddened that no one else seemed to be so keen to know or learn that which the Society taught.

A child does not know any better and will follow whatever seems to please those in authority in order to avoid sanction and get gratification. But I had my own reasons that went beyond that – I really believed that the generation alive in 1914 was going to be around when Armageddon came. The elders and Watchtower publications said that during the 1980s. I thought they knew what they were talking about. I wanted to live; I wanted to be a survivor, and I believed what the adults that I spent most of my time with told me.

Some things in the past are easily left behind, but not forgotten. Because how you behave over Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day is a cause to divide you from other kids – and those outside your faith. It is used as an example that they are “bad associations” that do not know the way. I can assure you that the Society does not make up for children with the lack of fun unless you get a sense of justice done when the end of the system of things comes and kills everyone you ever knew outside the Kingdom Hall.

Frankly that terrified me that most people were going to die, and would be fighting God’s people till the battle was won. Such are the visions that get put in your head, and that 100% conviction in what the Society, and only what the Society tells you, will save you when Jesus comes back.

On that note going to write out my card. My Mum seems to be going through a desire to see environment disaster movies. So this weekend a triple bill of “Twister”, “Deep Impact” and “Dantes Peak” on DVD – my gift to someone who matters every day but especially on Mothering Sunday.


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  1. AnAfricanAtheist

    [quote]I can assure you that the Society does not make up for children with the lack of fun unless you get a sense of justice done when the end of the system of things comes and kills everyone you ever knew outside the Kingdom Hall.[/quote]

    Indeed! The mind numbing boredom still fills me with horror, especially whenever I visit my JW folks. And yes, my mother and sister (and father) are desperately counting the days until Armageddon kills everyone outside our family, even ‘fellow JWs’ whom they’re convinced are ‘false witnesses’.

    Good reading your blog

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