Brain gym – coming to a primary school in the UK near you!

Apparently children are being taught that by applying pressure to parts of the body, blood can be pumped to your brain increasing attention and ability to learn, as well as ability to speak. What is more this pseudoscience called “Brain Gym” is being given credence because it is believed to be of benefit to children – though it does not have the neurological impact on the human body that it claims.

Reflex points called brain buttons – I almost lose the will to carry on without laughing. Yet when you see a class of children Brain gym - do not be so open minded that your own brain just not drop outbeing led by their head teacher in these exercises, who believes that the electrical circuits in the body can have their energy so channelled from one part to another, one fears for what next will be allowed in the classroom that has no merit. Yet the person behind these claims is not only not an M.D. or a neurologist; his claims rest on it being based on thousands of years of knowledge.

I suppose I could make an analogy at this point (creationism in the classroom) – but the fact that it claims in publications that processed foods do not contain water can I just ask parents of children in school to actually see what is being taught in their schools and hold their headteachers to account.

SO your child has problems with attention deficit disorder, dyslexia or is below their attainment level for their age. How will the Brain Gym qualified instructor help?

He or she looks at the individual as a whole person who, at any given moment, has untapped potential related to underdeveloped movement patterns. The emphasis is on learning readiness––accessing innate gifts and helping the learner to be comfortable and able to draw out those gifts and to match them to the physical, mental and environmental requirements of a given skill or situation.

I am so grateful that my teachers actually attempted to improve my reading, writing and arithmetic skills at school – not how I channel my personal energy. Tax payers money being spent on this new age quackery is nothing less than an educational scandal.

Read more about this bad science here.


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2 responses to “Brain gym – coming to a primary school in the UK near you!

  1. Has anyone ever heard of limited educational resources? Doesn’t that inply that it is important to focus on only the best use of those resources ? I at least hope that the brain gym is only replacing some PE and not class room time.

  2. Considering the fitness and obesity levels of some people at school I hope it is not cutting into even PE classes.

    Physical exercise and a healthy diet is probably going to make it easier for the children to concentrate then looking for “brain buttons” about their person.

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