Humanist and Secular Liberal Democrats – UK

The Humanist and Secular Liberal Democrats have their website on wordpress. Thought I would share it with you as I will be joining this group shortly. It stresses for me the two important things when it comes to what secularism is and political freedom.

The Humanist and Secular Liberal Democrats are campaigning for Humanist and Secular views within the party. We are an Associated Organisation of the Party, affiliated to both the British Humanist Association and the National Secular Society.

If you agree with us, then why not join us?

Our aims include:

  • Human wellbeing is increasingly dependent on scientific enquiries being courageously pursued, and acted upon. The intervention of nonevidence-based dogmas, through the exercise of religious power or the manipulation of education, can constitute a threat to that wellbeing, and must be resisted.
    • Acting as a forum for humanists and secularists within the Liberal Democrats.
    • The liberal social standards enjoyed in this country have been gained, often at great cost, over many centuries. We must challenge concepts that are alien to those standards, especially if they seek to reverse the progress towards social freedom.
    • Emphasising what draws us together rather than what separates us, in a world where religious tension is growing.
    • A multi-cultural democracy requires that the state acts even-handedly towards all its citizens, irrespective of their various beliefs (or lack of them). It should confer neither status, nor constitutional, economic or influential privilege, on the proponents of any particular sectional group.
    • Promoting Humanism and Secularism within the Liberal Democrats and contributing towards Party policy.
    • Promoting the Liberal Democrats within the Humanist and Secularist movements.

    We believe that a truly Liberal society is one where faiths and lack of faith are all allowed to disseminate without either favouritism or protection from Government. To protect one or more faiths, and not all, is inherently unfair.

    What We Stand For

    What follows is political statement of the Liberal Democrat Humanist & Secularist Group. We hope it explains both why we have all, individually, joined the Liberal Democrats and why we are convinced that this Party is the most appropriate party for the great majority of Humanists and Secularists throughout the United Kingdom.

    • The principles of justice, equality, democracy and universal respect for others are intrinsic to liberal values. We respect genuinely held religious beliefs provided that they do not threaten others’ well-being or liberties, including liberty of expression.

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