Clinton – for the good of the Democratic Party and Secularism Step aside

BBC News reports:

Senator Obama won 56% of the vote in North Carolina, while Senator Clinton won 51% of the vote in Indiana.

The election is about the people of America There are now six primaries left – but polls report that half of Clintons supporters will not support Obama if he is the chosen nominee. Party activists should be alarmed – because while it matters doing the best for your candidate, and making sure candidates are properly tested (Gordon Brown never was with lack luster rivals that there was no need for an election as he gathered enough support from MPs not to need a ballot).

Obama has too much of a lead for the Primaries left to effect the result. He will win the majority of delegates and the popular vote. What will matter is how the Super delegates vote. Hilary is still loaning millions of dollars to keep her campaign going.

In Britain we refer to those with power over these things as the men in grey. These were the ones that told Thatcher to stand down for the good of the party. Howard Dean continues publicly to ask for one of them to stand aside, and Prospect reports that Ted Kennedy had approached Clinton to become Senate Leader is she did so (Ted also supports Obama). It seems publicly there is enough to suggest that behind the scenes much has been made to make this happen – I would suggest by trying to dry up funds for the Clinton campaign. Yet she does have a following and a personal fortune to use.

Yet this is about the candidates to be the most powerful person on earth. Who will appoint supreme court judges that will impact on government and social policy for a generation. To make negotiations and decisions on the national stage. It really matters – and Christian fundamentalism impacting science and the separation of church and state is at stake. The need for a robust Democrat candidate that can stand up for these things is necessary – to their credit I think Obama and Clinton would.

The problem is this divisiveness is breaking the Democratic Party, and allowing McCain a shot at the White House. The irony is that the Democrats having two strong candidates may ruin their chances. McCain is no Bush, and he is a better candidate than George W Bush. The latter won two terms as President.

Eddie Tabash made the comment to me that the Democratic machine has the ability to squander millions onWhen does personal ambition damge the party? a candidate that stands no chance of winning. It would be an irony if two potentially winning candidates loose because of the nomination process. A winner takes all Primary process so an outright winner is chosen without the need for Super Delegates would stop this situation. Ironically for Clinton, who supported the current system, she would be ahead under that system. The rules of the game choose the winner – thus does the electoral system matter.


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  1. I dont see her getting out until at least WV and KY vote.

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