Obama and religion on your sleeve

It seems that in the United States talking up your faith is one of those things that we in Britain will not appreciate. However that seems like a good idea – because I am sure that Republicans will paint Obama as a secularist and therefore a godless immoral man not worth spit let alone voting for. Indeed my Aunt, who supports McCain and thought President Clinton should have been impeached, was of the opinion that he was a Muslim.

So the latest flyer for Obama should not put anyone in doubt on that score:

For PZ Myers this is reason enough not to enthusiastically support or campaign for Obama. However much it saddens me that a person’s faith or lack of would be an electoral issue it is as any psephologist will tell you in American politics. This is far from how the founding fathers would have wished it to be – but in a McCain V Obama showdown the secularists should actively support Obama because of future Supreme Court appointments. If the Democrats can control the White House as well as the Senate and Congress the secular state may not be so much in danger of being overrun by those that want an overt Christian Nation which will enlarge the difference between those of different faith and none.

What makes good politics does not necessarily make good government. Obama needs to win by appealing to as many voters as he credibly can. Do not let the cross wearing put you off voting for someone – because especially if Huckabee becomes McCain’s running mate you will need Obama to win all the more.


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