MPs vote on Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill

Today MPs in the house of commons will vote on measures contained in the above Bill.

Naturally some MPs are voting based on religious belief that some things should not be tinkered with. Despite the fact that most  medical advances and scientific research actually involves such tinkering to improve the human condition. Edward Leigh (Conservative MP) suggested that Human Hybrid embryos would lead to a humanzee. Neglecting the fact that the hybrids will be destroyed in 14 days and are an avenue of research for learning about replacing nerve cells.

With regards animal exploitation, that is perhaps more convincing if he is advocating veganism. And something that is less than a pin head is not really in the same league as a sirloin steak or a fully developed human being.

As for made in the image of God, well that does not seem to be a good reason not to help advance treatments for millions of people that suffer from the human condition of self deprecating bodies. He recognises that is a personal opinion only valid for himself, but his objections amount to scare mongering and ignorance of what scientists are saying about the research value.

More can be read on the BBC New site here.


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