Sharing the Gospel

Down in London last Saturday I passed a rally in Trafalgar Square. Having just eaten at the Texas Embassy and had a Mexican beer (always liquid fuel for philosophical thought on past form) I was feeling pretty good. However the speaker was talking about happiness and the banner in front of his podium had the word Gospel.

Life cannot really be less without accepting that someone was tortured to death, and that their death on a wooden beam allows humans to be worthy. It makes me rather unhappy to think that an other’s death due to religious intolerance as the ultimate scapegoat is the basis on which the validity of the human race depends – our actions meaningless without accepting the dogma of the economy of salvation.

This dogma makes me sad. The idea that Jesus proved Satan wrong – that it was possible for a man to live in a way that Adam failed – seemed a better one when I studied the bible. But then, according to that study Jesus was born only of woman – and in a previous incarnation was the first of all creation. According to scripture this was man plus – one that has never walked the earth before or since with such timeless first hand knowledge and supernatural power. The Christian role model is a hard act to follow, and morally speaking sometimes questionable when it comes to family and the destruction of those that disagree with you.

In the Jose Mestre blog someone is offering to send me more Jehovah’s Witnesses literature – stressing the hope and comfort the teachings give. Yet the hope and comfort I get in life comes from something greater then the supposed authority of the Gospels. It comes from the fact that many people will speak out because of injustice, even if it means their death. That as a people, sometimes against insurmountable odds, we shall reach beyond what is deemed possible for the betterment of ourselves.

Life has it’s highs and lows. The good times and the bad – and we can be fixated on particular moments, chained to them as a prisoner or drunk on their memory like a maturing wine in the cellar that we keep getting drunk on – not moving out of the rut. Happiness is indeed a quality that makes the human condition bearable.

The happiness that day in London was being able to see people I disagree with being able to talk without fear of imprisonment; to be able to eat a good meal; to go to a book shop without fear of censorship. And joy for my friend and her husband who I found out in London are expecting their first child.



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2 responses to “Sharing the Gospel

  1. cornishevangelist

    Hebrews 6:1 :: King James Version (KJV)
    Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,
    The Word of God tells us that we are not to stand still in our faith. Some of us keep going over and over, time after time, the first principles of the oracles of God.
    You know, being saved, repenting of sins, baptism in water and in the Holy Ghost, laying on of hands, the resurrection from the dead and eternal judgement.
    Which are all very necessary things, but now it is time to move on, for our foundation has been laid.
    The Bible teaches that we do not need to be taught again and again but it is time to teach others, so that we, who are mature in faith, may come into a much closer walk with Christ. This we will do if God permits, as the word of God says.

  2. If we go on to Hebrews 6:6 (Living Bible Edition):

    You cannot bring yourself to repent again if you have nailed the Son of God to the cross again by rejecting him, holding him up to mocking and to public shame.

    You cannot leave behind the foundation, no matter what your good deeds are, whether you do public goods that people of reason espouse as praise worthy. It is based upon the idea that if not for Jesus’ being killed (sacrificed) we as a human race would not be redeemed. This does not give me cause for hope or to live a good life. It suggests that reasons beyond my control give me the gift of salvation, and that although I am not worthy of it, it is mine for the taking. Terms and conditions apply, and oh boy do the different factions of Christianity go on about them.

    By rejecting the divinity of Jesus, that he was not with god at the beginning of creation, that if he existed he was a mortal man born in the usual manner of conception without supernatural powers, I am rejecting the foundation of Christianity. Thankfully I am born of an age in a place (unlike Jesus in the Gospels) where religious intolerance does not threaten my well being.

    The bible was written by men, and it makes more sense considered the product of men. It gives more meaning if we recognise that then suppose that god has controlled the hand that moved the nib.

    To have a meaningful conversation about how we live in society, and address issues of ethics, morality and general behaviour we need to recognise that the foundation that Christianity claims to have is not a a firm rock, but rocky.

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