Oh beer – the measure of the law

Nic Davison - the multicultural society and the law

Nic Davison - the multicultural society and the law

Ah to be abroad and sample the local culinary delights, and cultural differences which provide long lasting memories. One for me being in Germany when I realized just how small a measure of beer could be and the landlord being perplexed that I wanted a half litre beer though it was only lunchtime.

So to a Polish restaurant closer to home, where the traditional measure in litres has fallen foul of the British Weights and Measures Act 1988 that enforces that draught beer shall be served in pints. This is a rather unusual story because little Englanders are usually defending themselves from measuring things by way of the metric system, that challenges the imperial order – and the Metric Martyrs Movement has a martyr of a different sort of heresay.

The law is to provide consistency of measure. No doubt as a consumer it would get confusing if not all glasses provided the same volume in each establishment. The ability for the drinker to reason these things for themselves needs the state’s help. With so much happening in the world it is enough to drive you to drink, but nanny is here to make sure that when we cry it is into our standard pint glasses.

Happiness is between the lips and the rim of a glass – Szczescie jest pomiedzy ustami i brzegiem kielicha.

Drink up the world is about to end.

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