Challenge the fundies directly?

Everything I ever do ... its a sin

Love is all around

Many a time I read a blog – for example most recently one where a Christian mentions a relative that is a lesbian and how she and her partner go to a church of no religion. He argues that Christ died for us all – he knows this to be true – and that churches should be open to gay people, while saying that homosexuality is a sin and that a place open to all faiths is wrong. And that unbelievers are going to hell.

I see the box for replies and wonder if it is worth posting. Is it worth pointing out in his blog that he mentions those turning their back on Jesus’ sacrifice (including his relative) will be going to hell – even though the truth of sexuality is that it is not a choice.

That the writings of Paul have been used by the state for the suppression and brutalisation of people whose only crime was to love in a way that was despised by others in the name of faith. That what churches argue over about homosexuality is essentially the rights of others to live their lives in ways that the state has no right to interfere with, much less the church.

That his claims to faith and other faiths not being true is the same as the ones used by other faiths. There is no way on this basis that one is correct over another – no litmus test to what is true by means of faith. If it is all in the head of the believer what is true it is not only subjective but unverifiable. It does not allow the passing of judgments on others, nor give legitimacy to what is an opinion.

I think about posting, but instead decided to write this blog.


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