A new look side bar

AAI 2007 - sadly not able to make this years.

I have spent a rather inordinate amount of time playing with the side bar over the last few days. It may well not be a finished product but before my head explodes I am going to call it a night.

On the side bar there is now:

  • the option to RSS this blog (with the rather cool sounding Entries RSS)
  • RSS links from the BBC newsite, RichardDawkins.net and The Onion
  • Recent comments (feel free to comment on posts)
  • Top posts (see what people are reading on the blog at the moment)
  • Archives, categories and a search box – find what you want by month, topic or keyword
  • Blogroll – now with images and not just text

I have played around with the order, for example have not lumped all the RSS feeds together because it just did not look right. Hope that it makes the blog more user friendly with improved presentation.

The blogging started in earnest with the Atheist Alliance International 2007 Conference in Washington DC – which include such highlights as Sam Harris’ speech that shocked his audience, the police detaining us outside the Pentagon, and an argument about Hitchens and Mother Teresa in a restroom.

Thanks for all the positive comments in the last few days. Means a lot, so please keep them coming whether it is commenting on a story, feedback, or you just want to argue. I deliberately call this a free thinking space – not because anything goes or all opinions are equally valid, but because the plurality of ideas should have free reign in the public space for debate and scrutiny.

If you feel the same way, then you have come to the right place and I hope you enjoy the site and continue to do so. Anyone wanting to hire me based on these works please feel free to make me an offer; or if you just want to know more About Me click the link.



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2 responses to “A new look side bar

  1. Rev. Reed Braden

    A wee bit cluttered with images, but it looks pretty nice. I like the minimalist look.

  2. That is one reason I like this theme for wordpress – no garish colours surrounding blog entries. The images did not appear (though the links for them have been there for ages) till I started playing around with the widgets to improve the side bar.

    May well do a cull on some of the images – so that less is more.

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