Make Me A Christian – Episode 2

The mentors, left to right: Rev George Hargreaves, Rev Joanna Jepson, Pastor Wale Babatunde and Father John Flynn.

The review of episode 1, with Laura posting in the comments, can be read here.

[Review of episode 3 and the whole series can be found here]

We start with Faye (lap dancing) and her boyfriend being visited by 20 something virgin Hester who tells them to avoid cheekiness, and gives them the game pick-up-sticks to play. However eating spicy Fajitas has caused Faye to be on heat. Separate bedrooms is the answer – but the loneliness leads to loving.

So if you have not realized that this is reality TV using some people’s version of Christianity to entertain us now is the time.

Kevin last time did not do well with not lusting after other women. Hester visits the morning after some exuberance. To go a few rounds at the local boxing ring. The idea is to burn off the excess energy. Which kind of misses the point that his libido is not linked to energy levels. Kind of shown when after ten minutes he is knackered.

Laura is now up. Wale is determined to help her change her lesbian ways by going to the fair to see family life in action. Opening up to Jesus would give her the power to change her life he thinks. Which misses that sexuality is about being open to who you are.

The problem it seems for the participants is the modern world and all its temptations. Retreat is the answer. Which starts with eating off the land. Martin (atheist) wonders whether hippie living is part of the Christian life – he wants meat. Absence is making the heart grow fonder for Laura. The rain comes down and Joanne is trying to sing to raise dampen spirits. Kaye and Aaron (expectant unmarried) have brought bread, not quite enough for 5,000 but welcome compared to the nettle soup being prepared.

Whether as revenge or pre planned George has told Kaye and Aaron they are not sleeping together on the retreat. Aaron is not impressed at this. He and Kevin go out in the early hours waking someone up at 2 am. The homage to Little Britain did not go down well. Aaron and Kaye leave the next day off to the pub.

Will – who converted to Islam – is praying with Martin keeping him company as he explains what he is saying. Neither of them went in to York Minister in the first episode, but Martin is responding to a friendly offer to observe rather than George’s listen I am right approach.

George is not happy that Islam has been introduced in the group and tells Will, who humbly apologies. George wants Jesus to be the focus but Will by his nature has just gone up in my stock. Kevin however is now revealed that he did more then just snog the girl at the club. Praying for forgiveness with George earns Kevin a well done.

George now moves them all to the town center to offer to wash people’s feet. George and Will wash each other’s which helps their standing with each other. Kevin is shown washing several ladies feet – one hopes that he is learning humility as George intends rather than further techniques with the ladies.

Laura talks to a previous gay man – Simon after being introduced to the bible, opening apparently at random 1 Corinthians 6:9,10. Which made him mad, go to a gay club, but found men did not have the same appeal. He met his future wife at a Christian meeting and is now a vicar.

Joanna now takes them to a soup kitchen – meeting god in other people. The experience is uplifting for everyone and Aaron makes the point that this rather than being told the teachings is what he appreciates. Helping other people.

Father John is with Faye talking about self image. This includes a spiritual cleansing and blessing of her and the house – with Father John dressed for the part. Considering her interest in Occult and Wicca the ritual of Catholicism could well be a good way to open her up to Christianity.

Once again this has been about confronting people with the bible saying what they are doing is wrong. On the odd occasion though being about self empowerment – the soup kitchen and foot washing. Whether this is part of a serious journey into what religion offers people seems to be instead that you need to fit in to a pre determined way of life to fit. As such this has involved scare tactics and making people feel demeaned. Which in many ways is the hall mark of religion.

Charity, compassion and consideration are virtues – and that rather than the dogma of Christianity seems to be the message that the participants are responding too. Building up those virtues by good works would seem the best way to improve people’s lives. Rather than 1 Corinthians 6:9,10.



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4 responses to “Make Me A Christian – Episode 2

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  2. Laura Jane

    I am was disguested by the editing of the second show!!!

    Why haven’t they shown any of the interesting debates…WHY???

    Why havent some fundamental questions been answered??? I argued with Pasture Wally about passagers in the Bible…I had intelligent debates with him….where are they?????

    Laura….from the show

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