Sex and atheism – cat fight in bikinis

With the acting of a bad porn film, and the use of women as sex objects, with a voice over that is as reassuring as a noise from the basement – Geoff Henley is promoting his book Beyond Reasonable Doubt: A Lawyer’s Case for Disbelief in God.

I thought about leaving the video to one place – where two women in a bikini fight it out with close ups of heaving bosoms. God forbid that we should use the attractions of women for atheism – let’s leave that to certain other pressure groups to use the female charms. But for empirical observation I figured that you need to see the video; who am I to say what is bad taste and act as a censor.

Be warned it is likened to a homage to Benny Hill. Which it is – except it is not as well written as his shows, lacks the charm, and is not actually funny anymore. With this lawyers sense of humour I worry about the state of his briefs. You have been warned, here it is:

Actually a funnier premise, which is kind of ruined by the bad acting and script, is the bible being read within a Hustler magazine before the couple go out. If you can work out the woman’s reaction to this then the chances are it will not ruin the punch line:

One can only hope that the book is not as bad as these videos. Incidentally the lady reading the book and in the towel is Heather Westwood. The guy with the bible and magazine is Henley himself.

By the way if anyone thinks I have a problem with women in bikinis, all I can say is, that I wish I had.



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5 responses to “Sex and atheism – cat fight in bikinis

  1. doazic

    We’re kind of admitting that Atheism isn’t sexy eh?

  2. Well we could try saying “No God” during coitus as an experiment.

    If we mean daring, against the mode and considered taboo, then in a way it might be a mental turn on for those that get their kicks above the waist line.

    My point was when pressure groups try to use sex and nudity (think PETA) as a way to highlight their cause it reduces their credibility and insults the public’s capacity to engage without the superfluous eye candy.

  3. doazic

    I think we need some eye candy to cancel out Hitchens.

  4. Nice post, thanks and bookmarked waiting for more!

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