Homo economicus trailer

Not mine I hasten to add, but someone else that goes by that pseudo name (I already have one that is in the blog roll).

I am beginning to have a “Are You Dave Gorman?” idea with regard to the other Homo economicuses that are in the world. It is time for the other Homos to come out and be recognized for what they are (usually nuts for economics).

The Homo economicus above has a site here and as you may have rationally expected is a student of economics if my Spanish is right. He is from Peru and in one blog talks about the flag of Peru being used with disrespect in four different ways. My vote is for the flag flying in a slum where the children he says “are under nourished and the quality of education is terrible” as opposed Option A pictured.

I would agree with the blogger that Option C is worse then this one

I would agree with all the voters that the other three options are worse

By the way I only came across this while editing some of my own Youtube videos to make it easier for people to find the other parts to when me and the guys gave blood. To be honest I think I should make more use of my camcorder – so hopefully will be having a video blog which will last longer than two and a half minutes in due course.

As in keeping with my tradition of anyone with the same name as me he gets an honouray adition to the blogroll.

Espero entenderlo.



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2 responses to “Homo economicus trailer

  1. Hello this is the author of the blog you cited. The article you talk about was written in a context where the country authorithies (!!!) -when they should get themselves busy with other stuff- talked about the strip dancer and how they considered disrespectful her pictures.

    I just said that there were many other ways in which the own authorities were being disrespectful not only with our flag, but with our very own nation.

    Seems like you almost got it. See u around.

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