What Hillary Clinton must say

Can she unite the party?

Can she unite the party?

Senator Clinton has released her delegates from voting for her at the Democratic Convention. It will be crucial for the party to lick it’s wounds, heal the rifts and fully support the Democratic nominee: Senator Obama. Already outside the convention there have been protests suggesting that Clinton was cheated out of the nomination.

Such talk will not help is such bellweather states as Ohio. With a quarter of Democrats leaning towards McCain or undecided Clinton needs to encourage her supporters to actively vote and work for a Democratic President. In Ohio McCain leads by 1.5%.

The Democrats have transformed their political machine. That will be crucial in tight states. But the last thing any political party needs is one at odds with itself. The time for bitter recriminations and self reflection is after the General Election – never when you are asking the electorate for power. If you cannot govern yourself you do not deserve to govern a country.

If Clinton can get her avid supporters to put the party before the candidate and realize that a Republican President is not in their interests on the issues – that is what counts. She needs to be guns blazing with McCain in her sights and why Obama needs the Democratic Party’s full support. In short a cheerleader to rally the party.

However this will be at 3 am GMT (10 PM Eastern Seaboard). So reflections on her speech will be after Cornflakes. Strongly recommend C-Span to people in the UK – more then just something people watched in episodes of The West Wing. Includes live feeds of the convention.

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