Hillary Clinton impresses at Convention

The duty to build that bright future

"The duty to build that bright future"

Hillary started well with talking about the hard work of the campaign being wasted with failed Republican leadership retaining the White House. “No way, no how, no McCain”. The greatness of America being bound up with the determination of the American people in everyday life.

She was grateful for the support and “sisterhood of the traveling pant suit” through the fifty states. After eight years of George Bush the standing of the US is at a low internationally. She started talking about why she stood for the Presidency – and it almost sounded like she still was as the crowd became fired up. “These are the reasons why I support Barack Obama”. The Campaign was not just for her as a candidate but for the people of the United States.

“There are no limits to what is possible in America – but this will not be easy … We must fight for a Democratic President”. This was the talk that Obama supporters needed to hear – building up Obama as the man to get it done and the Democrats knowing how to do it. If only talking made it so; but reality is not what you want at a convention. What you need is something that fires up supporters and makes good TV. On that score , Clinton excelled.

“John McCain is my colleague and my friend”. Perhaps the friend bit was overdoing the sentiment when you consider the latest polling suggests as much as 30% of Hillary supporters are going to vote for McCain (up from the 15% The Economist mentioned over two weeks ago). “We do not need four more years of the last eight years”. The message that what angers Democrats about America today will only change with Barack Obama in the White House is the one that needed playing: inadequate health care, out sourcing, fore closers, more war less diplomacy, unequal pay – more of the same with McCain.

The story of the struggle of women to vote in the US, to the point now where her daughter could vote for her. To keep going in the darkest moments; as Americans not big on quiting and to get going to get Obama elected, without a vote to spare. “The duty to build that bright future.”

It hit all the right notes, and it was impressive. Gracious in accepting Obama, he could not have asked for more if he had written the speech. The question is will the die hard feminists that championed Clinton as their woman for so long will, like her, get up from the disappointment and support the party.

Her speech gave them no cover to do anything other than support Barack.


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