Obama Barack by acclamation is Nominated

Video of Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream”, video of President Clinton at the Convention and video of Senator Hillary Clinton stopping the roll call.

Forty five years ago today Martin Luther King had a dream.

Later tonight a 47 year old African American will give his speech accepting the Democrat nomination for President of the United States. President Clinton gave a grand piece of political theatre that was a fitting grand finale for Team Clinton as you can see in the video below, endorsing Obama:

Though Senator Clinton calling for an end to the roll call of states by saying for the remaining ones in one voice to announce Obama as the nominee was a grand gesture.

With growing anticipation the Convention waits for Senator Obama to give his speech. Vice President Al Gore will be speaking before hand. Obama is scheduled to talk at 2:15am UK time. Kind of tempted to stay up for that one.

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One response to “Obama Barack by acclamation is Nominated

  1. O c’mon, so what?
    I am going to be elected, not that black guy.
    Vote for me!

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