One year old today!

On the 28th of August 2007 this blog was born out of the frustration that the Myspace blog features were none existent. A friend suggested WordPress and I have not looked back since.

Within a year blog readership has increased one hundred fold, and this August has seen the most traffic of any preceding month. To put that growth into some kind of perspective it is like starting with the most crowded city in Malta (Senglea) reading the blog each month to the whole nation of Malta now reading it. For that, my thanks to all the readers that come to the blog.

That very first blog was an introduction. In those early months you could view an entire month without going to another page. Pictures and photos were largely absent. Then something unexpected happened. While in the States the police pulled me and my friends over outside the Pentagon – dinner with Richard Dawkins hanged in the balance as we were questioned.

After that Conference in Washington DC, I was encouraged to keep up the blogging by the people I met.

I feel a list coming on, much as I want to avoid them. I wonder if in Sam Harris’ research he may examine the part of the brain that we use when making lists. Maybe an overly sensitive part of that habit to list things – shopping, packing, life decisions, accounts. Explaining such pattern seeking behaviour as listing commandments to train spotting.

As such, for the past year here are the top 5 blogs:

Jose Mestre – the living impact of refusing blood transfusions

Darwin Awards 2007

Make Me A Christian

Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses a cult?

About Me

Honorary mention for blogs which I especially enjoyed writing:

Me and Douglas Adams

Atheist at Ken Ham talk in Leicester

Christopher Hitchens: “Thomas Jefferson: Author of America”

Great Ideas of Biology – 9th Simonyi Anniversary Lecture

Sam Harris – do not cast the first stone

Thanks for reading, and if you have enjoyed what you read do please spread the word!



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3 responses to “One year old today!

  1. Congratulations on making the one year mark!

  2. Dr Doctor

    You are a cracking writer.

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