Sarah Palin and John McCain at RNC

Sarah Palin’s speech – dubbed as the “lipstick pit bull” by the Daily Mail – went down well in comparison to John McCain’s. It just seems weird for John McCain to sell himself as a reformer and that things need to change after nearly eight years of a Republican president, with himself having spent 25 years as a Washington insider. Something you cannot level at Palin who will probably require a guide book for the capital – evidently making her qualified to reform Washington once she knows her way around.

Sarah Palin:

John McCain

It seems clear enough. McCain, who once said that he believed in evolution but saw the hand of god in the Grand Canyon, has allied himself with the social conservatives and the religious fringe that have captured the Republican Party. In a tight race, and one that I think will gather momentum for McCain as polling day draws nearer, he will need the volunteers and resources that this wing of the party can provide.


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