Spore, black holes and the invasion of the willies

Evolution of the Vegetarian Eco Warriors

Evolution of the Vegetarian Eco Warriors

The excitement being generated by journalists over Spore (out now) sounds reminiscent of what happened over Black and White where you had your own creature with which to lead a tribe by use of terror or nurture. With Spore the idea is that you are the invisible hand in the evolution of the species, from a single cell through to colonizing space. Civcity meets Sim City – with the brains behind the later, Will Wright involved. Whether Darwinists or Creationists will look beyond gameplay and try to be offended by the game concept we shall see in due course. All I want to know is will this game actually play well and entertain – the bottom line for any game.

The Economist life magazine intelligent life (which featured Richard Dawkins here) warns of the monster willies people created in the run up programme to the main game called Creature Creature. The idea of players creating scenarios, characters and tribes is not new on the Internet for PC owners. However Playstation 3 owners will soon be doing just that with Sackboy, voting for favourites. In essence some artificial selection will be going on in both games to see what new content proves to be the survival of the fittest. Though EA will frown on the creation of penises and giant breasts, as much as it welcomed the publicity this generated.

However, better get all this gaming in while you can as on the event horizon is the turning on of the

Alice looking for answers

Alice looking for answers

Large Hadron Collider (this Wednesday coming). Particles being slung at 0.00001% off the speed of light, in hopes of understanding more about the fabric of the universe, looking for that particle and conditions which explain the universe. Though people, perhaps having played Doom in their youth, fear gateways to other dimensions being opened or a black hole swallowing much of Europe if not the world. The only thing we have to fear is people getting the willies.

Meat eaters may consider the end of the world, because if we are all still here  the UN climate chief says you should eat less animals to reduce climate change. Said the Compassion In World Farming ambassador:

“Surveys show people are anxious about their personal carbon footprints and cutting back on car journeys and so on; but they may not realise that changing what’s on their plate could have an even bigger effect.”

Though watch out for food intolerance causing methane leakages – not good for the planet. And remember you will need your greens to fight the invasion from the other dimension from Wednesday, or least get some Vitamin A if you are staying in playing computer games.


Spore – Intelligent Design or Evolution?


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