Richard Dawkins Website access barred in Turkey

Harun Yahya - villian of the piece this time?

Harun Yahya - villian of the piece this time?

Some people in Turkey found that over the weekend their server did not allow them to access the official Dawkins website. This is one example of attempted censorship restricting people’s access to the web. WordPress itself is restricted in Turkey. However, with a proxy people have been able to get around the prohibitions.

Right now it is unclear whether this was by mandate of court order, or a decision by the server. Speculation is that this post on the front site resulted in the ban or that it is the product of Islamic creationist efforts like those of Harun Yahya who wrote such classics as Darwinism Refuted and Atlas of Creation – which are given to schools free – who tried to have The God Delusion banned. The thread on the forum part of the site discussing the issue is here.

While the usual official banning notice came up, there was no link to the court order and reference number (as would be expected). Into this void we are left with speculation as to why this happened, or whether this was simply an accident or someone jumping the gun.

Richard Dawkins has talked about the freedom that computers and the internet give (see earlier blog here). That freedom will be challenged, under the guise of security, protection of vulnerable citizens or even as a promotion of freedom by denying others liberty to express dissenting opinions. We should be concerned, because we have a right to listen to what other people would say to us if they could.


Richard Dawkins on the Atlas of Creation



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7 responses to “Richard Dawkins Website access barred in Turkey

  1. Abdurrezzak

    The ban of the site has not been removed.
    I think Turkey turns into IRAN in a few years.
    If Idiot European governments go on supporting islamic government in Turkey.

  2. Achmed

    Best thing to do to block infedels from our lives!! We want to live in peace!!! Why do you come up with an idea saying this whole thing going around us is a lie!!!!??? You are so stupid and fucking idiots to believe that everything has happened to come up with coincidences!

    (Bırak ya! müdahale etme.)

  3. Care to have a cup of tea, and explain the scientific basis for your view of the world?

    Or do you just believe without question what you are taught?

    Fingers in ears is not always the best way to live our lives – and there is no peace when that means suppression.

  4. Hi!
    Having that kind of attacks from government will not stop us thinking. Our mission as a human being is to think. We are now connecting to these blocked sites via foreign DNS’ so what had changed in our lives. Let me say, nothing had changed. They can’t stop us from thinking. Instead of making these sites banned they are making it more interesting. So we’re now interested 🙂

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  6. This is quite a up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

  7. Can

    it is just shame on Turkey and the law system which does work just for the prime minister Mr. Recep…
    This is going to take Tukey back to 1950’s
    It’s a big shame…

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