New Hitchhikers book “And Another Thing”

Douglas Adams will be stirring in his tea cup. Eoin Colfer, when asked was said to be terrified following in Douglas Adams footsteps.

Eoin Colfer has been commissioned to write the sixth book in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series. Just like Bond who was stirred not shaken back into life by Sebastian Faulks, Arthur Dent will be back, towel in hand cup of tea in the other, to find out more about the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Colfer author of children’s books was said to be terrified to be following in Douglas’ footsteps. Whether fear rather than a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is the best source for humours inspiration we will find out next year in October when “And Another Thing” is published.

“Douglas Adams was an extraordinary writer, with an ability to come at the reader from the most unexpected angles, knock them off balance and make them laugh at the same time,” said Helen Fraser the Penguin managing director.

“Eoin Colfer is an inspired choice as Douglas’s successor… He is a huge talent and a fantastically funny writer, and this new book will bring as many new young readers to Douglas Adam’s work as it will introduce adults to the brilliance of Eoin Colfer.”

Will it be any good? There is an answer, but you are not going to like it …

Don’t Panic

In the mean time while it has been 16 years since “Mostly Harmless” was published the Hitchhikers Universe has played on – not just the long awaited film which people liked if they were used to the multi media formatted parallel universes that make up the dis jointed story as radio, books, TV and then film – but in a 21st century broadcast to its original incarnation as a radio series.

The surviving actors reunited 25 years after the original radio broadcast that first introduced Arthur Dent, picking off with him and Ford Prefect being stranded on prehistoric earth as the books had it starting with Life, the Universe and Everything. The Tertiary, Quandary and Quintessential Phases were broadcast on Radio 4 from September 2004 to June 2005. My advice is that you have not heard the definitive version of Douglas Adams till you have heard them.

Thanks to Louise for alerting me to the story


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