Mugabe President, Tsvangirai Prime Minister – stability at last?

Flow chart of power arrangment

Flow chart of power arrangement

Whether the arrangement gives political stability, let alone the ability to deal with the economic problems facing Zimbabwe – 11,000,000% annual inflation, 1 in 5 adults having a regular job, and half the population on food aid by the end of the year (5 million people) we shall see. If though considered credible by the world community it may pave the way to ending sanctions by the global community, and allow more aid into the country.

The Cabinet will be made up of 15 Zanu-PF (Mugabe’s Party), 13 for Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and 3 for a faction party of the MDC. The all important allocation of portfolios has yet to be hammered out. Whether rival power centers will lead to further crises time will tell.

This will especially be true if economic woes continue, and Mugabe will probably shift blame onto the MDC in an attemot to take back Parliament. Whether Morgan Tsvangirai should have risked holding out for the Presidency by staying in the election will be played out. Right now, from a political perspective, he has the difficult task of helping Zimbabwe recover while Mugabe controls the military and police.

Separating Zanu-PF from the state apparatus will be necessary for a credible government – yet such change is far from certain while Mugabe remains President.

The key points if the agreement can be read here.


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