YouTube democracy

Ah, the joys of living in a youtube democracy, where what you said can be used against you. Obama indeed hoped to use it when he claimed McCain wanted 100 years of war in Iraq if that is what it took:

Mind you, McCain does not come out well from the archives either.

If we are not prepared to accept that politicians will spin in order to to embolden their supporters and throw mud at their opponents to win converts then we may shout a plague on both your houses.

That however is how you play in the political arena. We do however have the opportunity to use the media to reflect our concerns. We do not have to just sit back and take it; we could try to rewrite the script.


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One response to “YouTube democracy

  1. Politics as usual.

    Even in the blogosphere here, spin is crazy. There are blogs pushing both ideologies all over the place.

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