Hustler family double shooting

Adam and Amanda Hustler

Adam and Amanda Hustler

Danielle’s parents told her to end her relationship with Jonathan Cook because he was not a Jehovah’s Witness. They also fired him from the family business where he had worked since leaving the RAF. A month later, he is accused of entering the family home on Saturday and shooting both parents with a hunting rifle rifle, murdering Mr Hustler.

Mrs Hustler was injured, though it is unclear if she refused a blood transfusion during surgery or just made her religious convictions known that any under circumstances she would refuse one. I am inclined to think it was medically not necessary, and some newspaper editors may be pushing the faith angle that little bit further.

Police laid siege to Cook’s home, in Penzance and police have been unable to question him yet after he apparently tried to take his own life, though that has not been officially confirmed that was how his head injuries came about. The family home is in Porth Kea near Truro, where the other daughter Abigail (16) witnessed the attack.

The good news for the daughters is that their mother survived the incident. The Religion NewsBlog after reporting this makes the case for the Jehovah’s Witnesses being a cult and that their health fades since the 1950s being that of quacks after telling the account of how they opposed vaccinations and organ transplants, and on numerous occasions have flip flopped back and forth on blood products. Thankfully faith did not add to the murder already done by a jilted lover.

I also wonder at the details that are given in the newspaper’s coverage. Do we need to know the value of the family home, that it has 7 bedrooms or whether Mr Hustler’s mother spoke outside her detached house? It sounds like there is a real estate market for property shootings in suburbia.


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  1. Anne Principle

    I, too, wondered why the value of the Hustler family’s home or a description of Mr. Hustler’s mother’s home had to be included. Were either of these things germaine to the story? Were the news writers implying that perhaps people who live in luxury homes never encounter violence, or were they saying that perhaps people who live in luxury homes somehow deserve to be victims of violence?

    Oh, and I’m sure that sooner or later Jonathan Cock’s violent rampage will be blamed on the religion. Funny how that always seems to happen. Doesn’t it seem logical that Ms. Danielle Hustler broke it off with Mr. Cock precisely because he was already displaying violent tendencies? One doesn’t become a violent murderer overnight. Obviously there were problems brewing with this man.

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