Going one step further: Vegetarianism

One topic that seems to get the juices flowing (either of passion or salivation) is the eating of meat, and the morality of doing so.

You can preview the book here
You can preview the book here

Whether you accept ethical arguments may depend on how you view animals. As a consumable which can be used for human pleasure, or as sentient beings that are due consideration due to their ability to suffer pain and stress. Evolution tells us that we  have a common ancestor with all species. We may feel that consciousness makes us special in relation to other animals, and that we should act in our interests only (speciesim). That same consciousness allows us to see that differences do not mean that we should have disregard for non human animals.

Concerns over animal welfare may extend to the process that brought the dead animal to your plate. That the animal had plenty of room to roam and was not reared in ways that led to unnecessary suffering. Such concerns may allow you to enjoy the pleasure of eating meat with less guilt. But the more we learn about the intelligence of animals and their capacity to suffer, the more the paradox between how pets are treated and how animals for slaughter are treated is inexplicable.

In the whole farming process the welfare of animals are undermined.

However, while vegetarianism may be a step in the right direction there is more. Because when it comes to eggs or dairy, arguably the worse welfare violations occur in this part of farming. Nor can we claim that leather is just a by product of slaughter for meat when it’s monetary value is 55-60% of the total value. Veganism may not be such an extreme reaction, but the only logical proposition if your concern is the suffering of animals.

It has never been so easy to go veggie. Your health and that of the planet will benefit from the change. The philosophical case, the science behind animal welfare, and the activist impact are well presented In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave edited by Peter Singer.


World Vegetarian Day


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