Thank you for reading – please comment

Well this September has seen the highest readership of the blog. The previous August did have the record, but September manged to more than double that previous best. Blogs on Sarah Palin being McCain’s running mate and the fall of Michale Reiss from the Royal Society – showing the arguments over religion and science being incompatible are not about to go away. Not least with Richard Dawkins Website being banned in Turkey.

The Michael Reiss thing led to an early exclusive. Sir Harry Kroto responded to my blogs about Reiss on 26 September. On Sunday 28 September that was published in The Guardian. I have asked Sir Harry if he could go further than his comment by saying how students that bring up creationism in the classroom should be tackled. Though rather fortunate to have had a comment from him at all, if he does reply that will be included this month.

Stats of course are only part of the story. I am curious to know who out there reads this blog on a regular basis, or at least keeps coming back for more. So please do drop a comment to let me know who the loyal readers are.

Don’t be shy. I know one person who never directly comments on the blog, but does by e mail. If they comment on the blog I just might get lunch this time  😉



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3 responses to “Thank you for reading – please comment

  1. I can always be bribed with lunch, but I must remind you I eat for two now so it is getting more costly!

  2. *lurks and doesn’t comment*


    I guess I’m out of the lurking closet now. Do I get a Scarlet L shirt now?

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