World Vegetarian Day

Today sees the kick off for Vegetarian Awareness Month on what is known today as World Vegetarian Day (WVD) – which unlike WMD has the capacity to make the world a better place for everyone, humans and animals alike.

Started in 1977 it is a chance to get involved, whether it is just going veggie for the day, holding a party, getting to know the issues, or to make a positive change beyond the month. Thing is to have fun with it, and celebrate a life style in harmony with sustainable living and being green. Whatever you do enjoy,  and get involved. Here are some ideas.

To see events happening in the world check out the International Vegetarian Union.

Leave a comment to say how you will be celebrating and share ideas.


Going one step further: Vegetarianism



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3 responses to “World Vegetarian Day

  1. Thanks for the video – feel less guilty about long showers now.

  2. You didn’t tell me you were vegetarian!

    That is all…

    Carry on.

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