Labelling yourself

Secularist, humanist, Rawlsian, liberal, vegetarian, cyclist environmentalist, economist, free thinker.

Plenty of labels that come across when talking about public policy, a way of life or moral issues.

As Sam Harris has said, there is not always a need to wear your atheism on your sleeve to win an argument rationally. As a tactic, not falling into the atheist/theist trap is a winning one for public policy.

Thing is, it is not clear to a large number of people that religion is an antiquated and bizarre way of looking at the world – one that may be counter productive when facing humanity’s problems.

When you go beyond atheism then it descends into trying to herd cats. It is not enough of an idea for mass political mobilization.

But if there is one thing that may make more sense it is pushing secularism and it’s benefits to a free and equal society of liberty. That is one that can include more than atheists. Where numbers matter that could be the winning approach.


Sam Harris – do not cast the first stone his speech at Atheist Alliance International Conference, Washington DC, 2007 where he articulated his ideas on not using atheism in public debate.


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2 responses to “Labelling yourself

  1. You are the personification of deranged. You are in favor of keeping the scum of the earth alive and yet also in favor of killing unborn children who have never done wrong to anyone.
    “Atheism is the religion of the deranged and evolution is their creation story” – Michael D. Shoesmith

    • Not sure where you get those ideas from. I have no issue with the death penalty but I have a bigger one with miscarriages of justice. As to abortion, I would rather there were less but not by denying women their right to choose what happens to their bodies.

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