Sarah Palin and the Witchdoctor

Salem became Braintree to escape it’s witch hunting history that happened 300 years ago. So it is rather worrying that the Wasilla Assembly of God Church invited Bishop Thomas Muthee, not only to preach but to bless Sarah Palin. Back in Kenya he accused a woman of witchcraft and led campaigns against her which eventually ran her out of town.

He advocated Sarah for Governor (separation of Church and State anyone?) as the video below shows proclaiming that education should be about Christianity, not other faiths or none. He blessed Palin against witchcraft as well.

He proclaims:

“Make her way my God. Bring finances her way even for the campaign in the name of Jesus. … Use her to turn this nation the other way around.”

This is the woman that will be the Vice President to a 72 year old man who has had four bouts of cancer.

America, do not go back to a dark history of fundamentalist religion and superstition being the motivator of political power. Sarah Palin reckons the second coming will happen in her life time. Hopefully she will not see elected office as a step closer to make Armageddon happen any time soon.

Maybe Obama’s pastor problems and this may convince America that religion is perhaps not the indicator for public office they thought it was.


A letter from Wasilla about Sarah Palin


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One response to “Sarah Palin and the Witchdoctor

  1. gcedwards

    Why don’t you see this on every news channel? If this was Obama, he’d be called a religious fanatic. Rev. Wright was right, and they chopped his head off and tried to do the same to Obama.

    Boy, 30 days will seem like a thousand years!

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