Comedians travelling – which to watch at 9pm?

Comic adventures - a new travel genre

Comic adventures - a new travel genre

Tonight British comedian Griff Rhys Jones is on a journey of great cities of the world, starting in New York, tonight at 9pm on ITV.

Also starting tonight, British comedian Paul Merton will be travelling through India in a new series, tonight at 9pm on Five.

This Sunday British comedian Stephen Fry will be travelling through the USA on BBC 1 at 9pm.

Michael Palin started something with his humorous accounts as he travelled around the world. Still a welcome change from the reality TV competitions of celebrities and wannabes.

Why they have to all come at the same time on terrestrial TV though is the issue. Better find a tape for the largely unused VCR.



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5 responses to “Comedians travelling – which to watch at 9pm?

  1. The other issue arises when you have no reception for Channel Five, dammit. I think Merton sounds the most promising and most likely to be surprising, also I love India. I’m sure Griff will be entertaining and sometimes thoughtful though – his recent thing (is it still on? I lose track) on ‘anger’ was quite insightful in my opinion.


  2. Yes watched Griff on anger – think it has finished on BBC.

    Missed Merton when he was in China, but I agree that one seems more promising. Where I live cannot get digital but Five is the best terrestrial reception.

  3. Isn’t Fry travelling by London taxi?… Might be worth a watch.

  4. At least it is not a London bus!

    Big fan of Fry and QI. Mind you that is Sunday, and right now I somehow need to get past tonight. Staying up till 4 am today for the Presidential debate has not helped.

    It was worth it though (I’m funny that way …)

  5. I’ve just found out courtesy of another blogging friend that I can follow Fry on twitter!

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