Has Jose Mestre died?

A poster commented that he had passed away at St. John’s Hospital in London and there is a report on the web that he has passed away though there is no official confirmation dated October 20 2008:

His death is not confirmed yet, we are waiting for official confirmation.

Rumors said he was dead while surgeons were operating on his tumor. He is now 51 year-old. [source]

As ever, trying to look behind these things today I phoned the press office of St. John’s. The press officer had no press release or information to give about Mr Mestre.

Just in case you are unaware of who Jose Mestre is, he is known as the “man without a face”, because a tumour completely covers it – to a point where his breathing is being compromised. It first developed when he was 15, but out of deference to his mother’s religious belief as a Jehovah’s Witness, he refused surgery due to the risk of a blood transfusion being the only thing that could save him during the procedure.

He arrived in London for a new form of surgery that would reduce the risk of blood loss. The unconfirmed reports are that he died during the operation due to critical blood loss. Wikipedia reports his death with no citation. So if anyone has any sources, please do link them in your comments.

Background to Jose Mestre can be found at the blog:

Jose Mestre – the living impact of refusing blood transfusions



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4 responses to “Has Jose Mestre died?

  1. Arthur

    Wikipedia apparently deleted the date of death from the Jose Mestre page.

  2. anne

    jose mestre is alive and well following removal of the tumor. surgery was performed on july 20, 2010 at saint joseph hospital in chicago by dr. mckay mckinnon.

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