The Wheels on the Atheist bus go round and round

Not that a bus has meta physical or no belief. If you thought buses and railway stations displayed a little too much in the way of religious advertising here is the free thought remedy:

Richard Dawkins, who is matching all contributions given towards the advertising commented:

“Religion is accustomed to getting a free ride – automatic tax breaks, unearned ‘respect’ and the right not to be ‘offended’, the right to brainwash children. Even on the buses, nobody thinks twice when they see a religious slogan plastered across the side.

“This campaign to put alternative slogans on London buses will make people think – and thinking is anathema to religion.” [Daily Telegraph]

The advertising will only go ahead from January if the money is there. The British Humanist Association is handling the fund raising – but in ten hours of launching they had reached the target.

Already making an impression not just on Radio 4 Thought for the Day and newspapers but also on the satirical news quiz Have I Got News For You (the line at the end a particularly good one):

Now if we could get some on the bill board at train stations, or perhaps just some quotes to raise human spirits rather than artificial ones …

Ariane Sherine is the brains behind the campaign and you can learn more at her site here.


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