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Yes, hands up I have been rather quite of late. So many thanks for people telling me to get writing again and appreciating the blogs that I have written. To aid in that, I have purchased today an iphone that means wherever I am blogging will be possible. Trust me, much as I appreciate the environmental goodness of cycling everywhere (ignoring two trips by aeroplane to the USA in a year), the thought of lugging my laptop with me would be too much to bear.

Praying to be Secretary of State?

Praying to be Secretary of State?

Obama won the US election and Mrs Clinton is set to be the Secretary of State. To those that l think of her as a monster, well some people are better inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in. Also the differences between her and Obama on foreign policy do exist compared with Powell and Cheney. The real concern is the influence Bill will have and possible conflicts of interest between state and his foundation’s aims.

Mumbai has suffered at the hands of terrorists on a rampage with machine guns and grenade launchers with about two hundred dead, with targets being train stations, hotels frequented by British and American tourists and a Jewish centre. It is like a school shooting writ large on society. Yet again, like the US open being stopped after 9/11, the cricket tour between India and England has been put on hold. While I would never want to force people to participate in something they did not want to do, when you allow the actions of terrorists to stop you going about what you want to do you are not really doing what would be the best way to respond.

The terrorists held out for three days at the Taj Mahal Hotel

The terrorists held out for three days at the Taj Mahal Hotel

Which is to say, without saying it, fuck you terrorist – my life and my work will go on without you distressing me or by my voluntarily reducing my freedom because of your actions. Maybe for some it would have been seen as bad taste for the cricket to have continued you. But record sale out crowds of people that want to enjoy their life, where women are free to watch men participating in sports in the company of men, and where solidarity could have been shown between two sporting nations would have been.

In the UK the Conservatives suggested that spending your way out of a recession, to raise taxes later, is not the way to go about things. While shops slash prices the idea that the reduction in VAT from 17.5% to 15% (sales tax that applies throughout the country) will help seems unlikely when people face the prospect of uncertain futures with redundancy and market prices. While the fears of the economic slowdown are uppermost in people’s minds, the searching and questioning of MP Damian Green because he had information that embarrassed the government. If they had been classified then the police raid on his office at the House of Commons may have been justified. As it is it looks like political retribution by the state.


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