Well I am enjoying the 3G iPhone in a way that may be seen as unseemly for a grown man over a gadget. The last time this feeling came over me was the PSP being launched.

The key difference this time round is that communication is now more important to me than the ability to play with a frivolous distraction. I suppose that may well be the reflection of a 30 year old man that worries about pension contributions and keeping in touch with friends then a 20 something eager for the next fix of hedonistic joy at his finger tips.

Not that the iTunes and iPod features will go to waste. Nor the facebook and myspace features. Or the other features.

3G iPhone - the most fun you can have with your hands in public

3G iPhone - the most fun you can have with your hands in public

And as you probably can guess this is my first blog written on the iPhone. Hopefully, this may well lead to more blogs.

However in these troubled financial times, sacrifices have had to be made. The gym membership will be cancelled. Regular cycling and a veggie lifestyle will have to be enough. [I am working on enough sleep at night and water during the day]

Not least because playing football yesterday has led me to believe that I shall never walk with my usual stride. The bank l work for sponsored children’s clubs in a tournament – a knockabout for a few hours with work colleagues when not refereeing.

I am convinced that physical exercise is to be avoided as I cannot run away from it fast enough.

The above blog is brought to you without any endorsement of any kind; but out of a device that has connected me not just to other people, but to the love of technology as being about helping you with your life rather than taking it over.


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