In the pub

Down the pub waiting for a free BBQ before heading off to the Skeptics Social at another pub, the Swan and Rushes in Leicester.

It could be the second pint of Boddingtons but I thought I saw AC Grayling in the pub a few minutes ago. This may well be a good time to grab some food.

One comment on my last blog mentioned that belief in god was not rational. While I sympathize, to be honest I have moved on. Like Sam Harris I really think there is a more important conversation that can leave religion, like the Republican Party, out in the cold.

So I am resolved to write a little less, save where there is a big story. The last blog was in some ways a fair well to arms in poking faith.

At all times I hope it has been clear it is the idea and not the person that I will counter. If only because that road is one I have travelled on this journey of life.

Below is Jamie the chef at Time doing the BBQ on a cold December evening.


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