A Cold Morning

Met up at the Skeptics Social at the Swan and Rushes in Leicester last night for ale. Penny and Chris (organizers behind picketing Ken Ham speech) kindly gave me a lift home after a few pints of Bishops Farewell.

This meant a walk in the cold crisp morning of minus 3 celcius/26 farenheit of an hour to the station. My trusted bicycle was left there, so I had the pleasure sound of crunching ice underfoot while keeping perpendicular.

What I would not give for skywalks being in Britain the way they are in Minneapolis. There was a charm though seeing the dark night give way to the dawn and coming across the solitary bicycle turned upside down in front of the cinema. The topsy turvey nature of that time gave the impression of change as fall gave way to autumn and night to day at this moment.

I continued on foot with hopes that my bike, like myself, would still be upright at the end of the journey.

I arrived at the station where the morning dew that had settled on my hat had by now turned to ice. Twenty minutes later breakfast at the work canteen was a welcome relief as warm food entered my system while the snow started to cascade down outside the window.

Through all the winter days ahead, I intend not to compain if more mornings are like this.


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