Facebook on iPhone and Surviving the Christmas Party


As friends have testified I have suddenly become active on facebook, whether stating that I am having onion soup or latest status asking for advice over whether my first iTune album download should be Guns n Roses’ or the Kings of Leon’s album. The f button on my iPhone home page allows me in seconds to update it.

So through facebook I learnt that a former work colleague is pregnant when she posted the first sonogram; become more aware of the hobbies and interests of my new work colleagues (which will come in handy for Secret Santa which I am organising) and discovered that out of my friends I have been voted:

best father (potential)


best catch

With such ringing endorsements this single young man (I believe that when I leave the 18-30 group in January that cannot be used any more in an absolute sense, hence getting as much mileage out of it as I can now) feels he has enjoyed his bachelorhood for long enough. At least I should go into the Christmas Party tonight with more of an air of confidence then the song “How Soon is Now?” ringing in my ears. Hold on to your friends.

Surviving the Christmas Party

The Party is over

The Party is over

How do you survive a staff Christmas Party (the politically correct Holiday Party can take a running jump. Call a spade a spade for crying out loud)? It seems fairly obvious and common sense:

Turn up

Have fun

Don’t talk shop

Don’t drink more then you can handle (absolute drunkenness)

Don’t become unsober quicker than the people around you (relative drunkenness)

Beware camera phones

Try to not look for love at the Party – better places to woo without other work colleagues watching you

Mingle like your social life depended on it

On that note better make sure the house is organised, as some people may well end up crashing at mine tonight. Not that I am trying to break any of the rules above. Though sometimes that is the charm about rules; they make such a charming clinking sound when they are broken. The only think is the sound can reverberate for far longer than you had intended.


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