The Speaker Should Resign

The police want to search premises that you are responsible for. Even without legal expertise it would be pertinent to enquire the reason and whether a warrent has been issued.

That neither the sergent at arms or the speaker thought to ask about a warrent or consult a legal team looks beyond carelessness. A member of parliament was detained and his office in Parliament searched on the basis that a civil servant had been breaching confidentiality by leaking. An annoyance to government, but not a matter of national security.

Damien Green MP has been accused of grooming the mole – a civil servant that had run for public office as a Conservative. That has the mark of spin – Green is not in a position to offer such high favours. Perhaps like Ratty he could have offered Moley a trip on a rowing boat with a picnic. Leaking is more fun when fine dining and wine has been consumed.

In the debate in the Commons the mood will have to be seen if the Speaker or the Sergent At Arms will be held to account or if MPs will focus on Parliamentary Privledge being reflected in new proceedures to cover future police requests..

I have more sympathy, not usually the case, for the Home Secretary who kept her distance from the operation for concern that it would be seen as a conflict of interest between politics and gathering evidence for a leak investigation.

The modern day issue is the conflict between the executive and parliament. The speaker, not taking responsibility and blaming others, does not inspire confidence that parliament will be served. An over mighty executive needs an effective speaker.

He should go.


The government sets up it’s own committee, stuffed with Labour MPs, to investigate the incident when the police investigation into the leaks finish. This going against the speakers own attempt to have a cross party investigative group.

I wonder that the main reason MPs did not criticize the speaker in the debate today is that they fear the government would choose a right toady to replace him.

Parliamentary democracy is something that may not excite the general populace. It however is a concern for those that realize that power is best served in the public interest when it is accountable. If the population will not, our only hope is our elected representatives.

That is why the arrest of Damien Green and the search of his Parliamentary office should worry us.


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