TV Assisted Suicide and a Pregnant Man

There is an issue about assisted suicide. Being able to see what that entails for loved ones is one thing that needs to kick start a debate in the UK. Which makes assisted suicide illegal here but will allow travel to Switzerland as long as there is no public interest in prosecuting travelling companions. Such a journey, and moment of death, was televised last night.

How long the House of Commons will duck the issue, time will tell. Gordon Brown, when not saving the world, announced that biased pressure from others means he is against. I would suggest maybe increasing hospice care would be one consideration – and that going to a foreign land to die, in unfamilar terroritary is the pressure of suffering with death the only release.

Right now the “not in our back yard” approach is the symptom of a government that needs an election to help it on it’s way. They are not prepared to tackle these issues or have a debate. Leadership has to go beyond the one financial dimension of the Prime Minister.

Yet we need to see what the process is like, both in the travel and the reality of assisted suicide. I would welcome comments on whether the program succeeded in that.

The Pregnant Man

This is a program I am currently watching. The narrator is the same guy for “Make Me A Christian” on Channel 4. As my review of that show suggests I have not high hopes for this.

A woman (Tracy) that has hormone treatment to become more mascaline (legally a man named Thomas), and a double masectomy, decides to concieve when their female partner cannot.

Granted most couples cannot resort to the husband as a way of bearing children. However, I find it very difficult to get wound up about this. Given the situation it seems one way round it.

With easy money from the media, that insist it is the first man giving birth, to set the family up – good for them. As far as I can see they are not hurting anyone.

As to the environment the daughter will grow up in – well the fact that they want the child is actually a rather good indication. Two devoted loving parents I can settle for. The documentary will not answer that, as I doubt it would on any couple, as we see YouTube videos dennouncing Thomas and the couple hiding out from a German documentary crew.

I would be more impressed by the science if someone born a man became a woman and then pregnant.

At work all people could talk about was this program; not the issue of assisted suicide. One issue is more important to society than another.

Till then we wait for the first Sea Horse carrying Homo sapien, let alone an artifically inserted reproductive system. And for a debate by Parliament on how we can choose to die.



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4 responses to “TV Assisted Suicide and a Pregnant Man

  1. I think Thomas Beatie is happy, and what do you think about pregnant man?

  2. After reading this article, I feel that I need more info. Can you share some resources please?

  3. Great post, good job there, I love it! I bookmarked your blog for future reference, I am too busy to go through them one by one now, but thank you for the post!

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