The Winter’s Tale

Tim Rice wrote “A Winter’s Tale” for David Essex, misquoting Shakespear’s play by mistake. Yet when the cold wind chills to the bone, my mind reflects on the past year. Not just because the year is nearly out but to numb the body from the icy sensations running between my skin and a wool rich Italian coat. Not always caused by the weather.

This self reflection was helped along by the first Christmas card coming from my ex. In answer to her question, returning my Nintendo DS and games would go a long way towards it. However, this is the first full year since being 19 I have been single. Seeing as next month I am 31 this has been an atypical year.

I have been single, though I have not been without affection, only lacking what was mutually agreed as a missing firm foundation. I just managed a long distance relationship in Germany at University in my 20s; the prospect of one in the United States into my 30s makes me grateful she realized that would be too much for either of us, newly single people, to embark on.

At the time after this revelation was delivered, suddenly stranded on my own in Stratford Upon Avon having seen Henry V, I felt like I had seen my Christmas puppy get run over on Boxing Day. Almost exactly a year to the day in Shakespear’s hometown, I am glad to have been spared seperation across the pond. Still have fond memories of puppy love.

Returning to Henry V, love seems like a lot of tennis balls rolling across the stage. It is everywhere going in all directions, but watching and grabbing onto one is enough to give you more then tennis elbow. You will be aced often, unsure of your footing. Still worth taking a swing though.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers – do not dispare. Because, as Shakespear observed elegantly, love is comical, beautiful, a tragedy. Though our adventures mean the world to us, Time Rice observed why should the world take notice of one more love that has failed?

I know that Summer shall come again, and that those long Summer Days will lengthen those lustful enchanted evenngs. I am in no rush. The best things come to those who wait, even though it is just another Winter’s tale for now.



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2 responses to “The Winter’s Tale

  1. suec

    Actually, it was called ‘A Winter’s Tale’ and it was written for David by Mike Batt!

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