Bush shoed at Iraq Conference

George Bush had not one, but two shoes thrown at him. The journalist even had time to make a speech before hauling them – the first shoe about the invasion of Iraq and the second for the widows and orphans.

Much is being made about Arab culture and showing the soles of your feet as a sign of disrespect.

That though would surely be a double barefooted flying kick?

However, despite having the best security of any leader in the world, a man was able to let fly with a second shoe before being surrounded by security agents. Both shoes narrowly missed the President. Considering the damage a Pretzel did this qualifies as an all out assault.

Just five weeks to go before Obama becomes President. If he can go eight years without such an incident he will have done well. The fear, softly spoken but felt, is that the risk is beyond steel tipped footwear.

Such fears are less compared to everyday life in Iraq. Still, it must be a safer place if you would risk going about barefoot in Iraq.


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