That Smell? View!

Been gone awhile. Watched a documentary about joint venture – whereby a gang member that is there when another kills someone is found equally guilty as if they committed the murder.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the legal position, human life in this world is in many ways a joint venture. We may be by standers but our culpability in human affairs are not immune from examination.

Some gang members had an issue with getting to crips with the concept. Made me wonder how I would explain tolerance, liberalism, science, secularism to them. I decided the word shit may have to be involved. Hence what follows:

Life is too short to shit on other people’s dreams; accept perhaps when their dreams involve shitting on you in which case pointing out that a waking reality on that front means the shit has hit the fan and they will have a bloody mess to clean up.

I don’t have the answers. That does not grant liscense to people with fantasies about an unpalable reality to fill the void. It may grant a warm fuzzy feeling that feels great. It may well be better for you to have positive thoughts in terms of stress and attitude to life.

You don’t need religion to have a false sense of reality; a distorted sense of events and happenings are part of being human. We all have are an approximation of life, the universe and everything to get by. The shit rule above is just to make sure intrusions into my reality do not add to a grosser distortion then I already have beyond my inability to comprhend the atom or the universe.

So I will not go out of my way to poke you in the eye, or shit on you. Yet allow me to dissent, to say it stinks and why the world may be a better place if we did not pile shit sky high as a modern tower of babel. You need more then that if you want to have peace and harmony – it may involve accepting other people’s shit within reason.

The only thing that may improve is respecting other people’s shit, not forcing your shit on other people or shitting on people’s door step. Because covering the world in each other’s shit is not going to bring a brave new world.

Dealing with shit may.


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