The iPad 2

The sun shone down as I took my jacket off, and the chilli con carne and Cornish ale was already adding to my spirits as I went to the Stormfront store in Truro yesterday to buy my iPad 2. The 5pm selling and my choice of location worked well. At 12:30pm I was the fourth person in the queue – we watched the queues that were building up in London and Exeter, with news of Australia’s on our iPhones and felt pretty smug about ourselves. There were by the end 33 people who had not pre ordered – and the store was sold out. I can only assume more people did not bother due to the small supply and that helped us on the day.

Banter with fellow wanna-be consumers is the best way to pass the time. You already have something in common (desire) and the wish to jointly protect your places in the queue (solidarity). I only managed to get to page 10 of Hitchens’ memoir due to talking. At one point the church of the later day saints set up a stall. A gentleman in a pink T-Shirt passed by politely greeting them while berating their homophobia with a good easy manner that temporally turned me away from the object of my affections.

The iPad. I have owned the iPhone 3G and currently the iPhone 4. When the first iPad came out I was in the “it’s a big iPhone” camp. It seemed too expensive, lacked any power compared to the IPhone 4, lacked cameras and just didn’t make me full in love with it no matter how many times I caressed it. From Leicester Apple Store to Covenant Garden in London It did not float my boat.

I went out to see the iPad 2 because my criticisms were being pushed aside like Cambridge in the boat race. The iPad 2 feels good in your hands. The screen really does improve on an iPhone and the ability to hook up to HD TV works crisp and beautifully – Smithy’s 2011 Comic Relief sketch on You Tube a work of art as well as comic genius (watch if you have not yet!) on there.

I have a laptop – though a few years old it’s tech specs beat the iPad 2. Yet surfing the net the new pretender beats it hands down. It thrashed my iPhone 4 on the wi fi too. The iPad 2 I went for is the 32g Wi fi.

Plus there really is something about reading/watching content in the palm of your hand. Doing so really changed my view because I prefer reading The Economist on the iPad to the magazine. The screen size is less than my 15 inch laptop but by being closer, with the display sharp and crisp, it appears clearer and sublimely visceral.

It really is a huge improvement over using the iPhone – which will get a rest when I am at home now. Worth every penny I have saved for the day yesterday. Thanks to the people in the queue with me and to Andy and the team at Stormfront in Truro!



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6 responses to “The iPad 2

  1. Oh hey! You’re blogging again now!

    • Yep – looking after brother in family home (he has complicated learning difficulties). Occasionally have more time then used to so will blog more often. The iPad will come in handy for blogging. Are you blogging still?

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