Coalition of Resistence

I posted in a previous blog the letter against the coalition. Now follows here an invitation from Tony Benn to join the coalition of resistance against the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government.

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From Tony Benn: An invitation to join the Coalition of Resistance

Tony Benn

March 26, 2011 By admin

A letter to Trade Union General Secretaries

Dear General Secretary

This summer, under my aegis, and that of other campaigners, the Coalition of Resistance (COR) was formed to enable people across the country to make a stand against so-called inevitable cuts and privatisation.  More information can be found at and, for specific items, in the small print links below.

We feel, as this year’s Congress demonstrated, that trade unions are central to this resistance.  We see our role as fighting alongside unions and linking them with community campaigns to mobilise civil society to resist the malicious dismantling of the welfare state.

We are affiliated to no political party and aim to support, encourage and link up local, national and international campaigns against reactionary and ideological ‘austerity’ measures.

See more ‘About us’ at:


We are in comradely discussion with campaigns with similar ‘footprints’ suchO as the People’s Charter and many, many local campaign groups.


Finally, do join our mailing list:

Yours sincerely

Tony Benn


Paul Mackney
(former General Secretary of NATFHE/UCU – for the Steering Committee) / 07974 353 709 / PO Box 56959  London N10 9AZ

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  1. I know I said no blogs This week – but some time left tonight.

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