New Home

I have found a new place to live with the family – no idea how long before I have Wi Fi running to keep on blogging. Right now I am suffering a (large) glass of wine at a hotel to blog to you now and send the previous one on JB Priestland. I have finished reading the book – if you ever wondered how after the Second World War he was not elected to the office of Prime Minister, but rather Labour was, the book in some ways gives a feel for how the left and crucially the war mobilised people in a way counter to the Tory thinking of how Britain should be.

I am hoping to go to the cinema, should I be given the evening off looking after brother, to see “Source Code”. I’m hoping it may rate as my film of 2011 as “Inception” did in 2010. We shall see but reviews look promising …

So dear readers, it may be a week or so till I blog again. But in the mean time fight the good fight for reason, help your community, and to thy self be true!


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