Another Homo economicus blog!

in the past I have highlighted others that use the same pseudonym as myself; dreading the day someone can claim that they used first. Not happened yet but this is the closest yet.

This Homo economicus is a PHD student in public policy, and real name Dany Bahar. Yet he has more of a focus on economics then myself although all us economics graduates do tend to view the world in a moral (not hap) hazard way due to our exposure.

As well as interesting blogs, good links to other economic blogs out there. Plus interest in the middle east in particular Israel. Though the title is a blog about nothing there is something for all to read. However it seems the last blog was in 2010. If you like what they were writing encourage them to take it up when they can again.

Will be adding to my blogroll if they become active again but you can see their blog here.


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