China – the future in your hands

The idea of the state being the end, and the people the means to which the state is, results in individuals and groups being suppressed if they do not deliver according to their masters wishes. Such tyranny confuses the well-being of the state with that of the people – or rather it claims that the victims are a necessary valediction of the glorious revolution that has delivered the people. Evil people know well how to cloud their cruelty with poetic justification. The demagogue makes them all the more effective.

So to China, where because a Tibetan monk burned himself alive in protest, the whole monastery of 300 monks is undergoing “patriotic re-education” to use the regime’s lingo. The sleepless nights will not be for studying to pass an exam – there will be torture, suffering which no amount of mediation can prepare you for.

Taking a stand

It would be small comfort to imagine that the People’s Republic of China fears a middle east style uprising as was sparked by similar doused diesel in Tunisa. Self-immolation does not end the suffering of others, though it’s symbol can become, for want of a better analogy, a standard bearer for others that understand the grievances highlighted.

For like the matrix, China knows how to handle dissent having done so many times, and is not afraid to act to safeguard the politburo. The only hope is that a calculation goes wrong or the government weakens it’s resolve, or embraces political reform.

Ultimately it wil be up to the people of China to demand and seize what is rightly theirs. Individuals have rights. There is a solidarity of humankind when these rights are infringed – an instinct to strike back against the oppressor. It comes from a sense of justice. We can do more then just stand on the sidelines.

Amnesty International

Free Tibet


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